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01 January 2002 @ 12:17 am
Wake Up Alarm  

Forget the call, we need an alarm. Myself most definitely included. 

Where is everyone? I know we have had one resignation but for the most part everybody hass been MIA. Again myself included, I had been a bad mod and I apologize. 

I'm not ready to give this role play up yet. So what do you say people? Are you with me? Do you have a scintillating storyline you're just dying to see happen? A captivating, mysterious case in need of an investigation? Lets talk it over and get it happening. I know we can make this work if we work together, so what do you say folks? All for one and one for all? 

Oh and I won't make you were they musketeer hats so no worries there ;)

Do let me know what you're up to and if you're still interested in playing. If not still, let me know so I can release you're character.

Sofia Curtis: Bad daysofia_curtis_x on May 27th, 2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
I still wanna play, but I'm thinking we may be the only ones left standing :(
Jessica Devlinjessica_devlin on July 6th, 2008 11:18 pm (UTC)
Hey there, sorry for the late response. I've been weighing and considering and I just finally reached the decision that I'm going to bow out. That means Angell, Jessica Devlin and my OC the Mayor are all departing.

I did enjoy my time here though and wish everyone a great RP in the future! :)