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I'm going to do the polite thing, and say that I'm going to take a step out of this RP. It's not terribly active anymore, and I think it's time I took it off of my flist.

It's been a hell of a lot of fun, though guys. So thank you!
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Wake Up Alarm

Forget the call, we need an alarm. Myself most definitely included. 

Where is everyone? I know we have had one resignation but for the most part everybody hass been MIA. Again myself included, I had been a bad mod and I apologize. 

I'm not ready to give this role play up yet. So what do you say people? Are you with me? Do you have a scintillating storyline you're just dying to see happen? A captivating, mysterious case in need of an investigation? Lets talk it over and get it happening. I know we can make this work if we work together, so what do you say folks? All for one and one for all? 

Oh and I won't make you were they musketeer hats so no worries there ;)

Do let me know what you're up to and if you're still interested in playing. If not still, let me know so I can release you're character.

Sorry guys

Sorry I disappeared for like ever but RL got shity and I'm sorry to say that I can no longer participate in this RP for at leas this year. I may or may not come back so feel free to recruit another Horatio

Once again sorry guys!

Where do you think?

For... anyone

I know i'm doing a fair bit with Greggo right now, but... anyone up for a past thread, or something like that, with Sof?

The girl is itching to go (okay, I'm itching to do something with her!) and.. well, if anyone has any ideas or whatev, that'd be coolio. :)

Hell, even a dream thread - just so y'alls know I've not forgotten the girl!

For Greg

The Mayor is starting to really like Greg. I've been taking it slow with him but right now he definitely sees potential with Greg. Another chance meeting would definitely set that idea in the Mayor's mind that he could be very useful to him. So you got any ideas or preferences how and where they should meet next? It doesn't necessarily have to be a chance meeting btw.

expect delays...

As some of you might know, I've got company visiting and it's been rather eventful days since their arrival. So I figure I should let everyone know that I'll be slow on replies up until the weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience this might pose. I do check emails daily so don't hesitate to contact me for anything.


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Case File

I put a case up in the IC community. I'll be ghosting OCs as needed to move things along. I'll also dole out information regarding what's there to find, etc. I can do this via this thread,  e-mail or IM. If you want to aviod "spoilers". Please let me know where you want to recieve yours once you've joined your thread.