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04 January 2008 @ 09:04 pm
I'm in all different kinds of a bad mood, so anyone want any angst with Sofia? Or to shout at her?

*listens to voice echo in empty ooc-comm =(*
02 January 2008 @ 07:54 am
Hey guys, hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. Well my festivities are over and I'm back to being around a lot more. Which is probably a good thing as Cath has been driving me stir crazy over the past few days. Okay so in someways it's not a good thing but that's another story, lol.
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30 December 2007 @ 02:16 am
Hey guys!

It's Zsa with a... uh well new -but not 'full time' -character. Thanks to GD and RC I could join the comm instead of having to ghost him. He's basically around for some personal trouble but I wanted to introduce him before anyone wondered who the guy was. William Wallace Caruso is the Mayor of NYC. He's charming and looks pretty okay (*pats Pierce Brosnan*) but deep down he's a bad guy. So while there aren't any major plans for the guy apart from some personal plot involving Jess and Nate, if anybody wants him for something just give me a shout. He's making an appearance at the New Year's party so if anybody wants to get in trouble -- or the opposite-- just hit him up.
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24 December 2007 @ 10:39 pm
OMG just realized Cal doesn't have a date for the New Year's party! Is there a single man (or single woman :p) out there who wants to escort my girl?
25 December 2007 @ 06:47 am
Just dropping in before everyone here wakes up to let you know that I will be away from tomorrow (Boxing Day) until the 6th of Jan with very little to no internet access. Therefore, Ryan, Mac and Amie are on holidays until then!!

Merry Christmas, everyone! xoxo
20 December 2007 @ 06:14 pm
Just a quick post to let you all know that from Saturday I'm not going to be around as much until Jan 2nd or 3rd. I'll try and pop on occassionally but don't know if and when I'll be able to.

So in case I don't get the chance to say it, have a good holiday, and I'll see you all on here in the new year.

Much love,

Nat and Cath

16 December 2007 @ 06:40 am
I'm putting this up now because this should give everyone enough time for preparation (if needed) and because with Christmas coming up there will surely be delays.

There's going to be a New Years party which is also a charity party. It's hosted by the DA's office and it includes the crime lab and the police department too. It's supposed to be a part of restoring the office's reputation after the former, corrupt DA died, combined with a new years' celebration and a charity event. The latter is important because the occasion grants a good opportunity to show off different sides of our characters.

The idea that prompted the charity part was hearing Jeri (Ryan aka Jess) sing and I decided to incorporate that into her character. When I saw the CSI actors perform on the shows (Mac on NY and Doc on CSI) I realized others may be interested in this too and I figured a good charity event would give us a good chance to let people shine.

This is supposed to be a dress up party and the Mayor's (no one plays him, I'm just pointing it out) going to attend and perform too. If you have any ideas, comments or questions about the party, don't hesitate to comment. And if you wish your character to perform (aka sing, play any instruments or any other idea you have), please comment here so we'll get an idea what performances to expect and who to expect to show up.

So I'll start, Jess and Angell will both be there. Jess is going to sing.
13 December 2007 @ 04:46 pm
It would seem that, unfortunately, I too got stripped of posting abilities on both of my characters for here. And you know what? I tried my hardest to not ship the wrong pairing. You can ask the Danny-player as I kept practically ruining things and leaving him wide open.

So, while I appreciated playing with those of you I did get a chance to play with, I'm out too. The internet's a big place; maybe I'll see some of you guys around on different RPs.

It's been fun, though. That's the hard part.

13 December 2007 @ 03:43 pm
I want to thank everyone for playing with me here, unfortunately, I chose to ship the wrong people, and Aiden-mun has stripped me of my posting rights.

I'm sorry that she felt the need to be so petty and ruin the fun for everyone, but that's her choice.

13 December 2007 @ 08:17 am
Hey ---

Anyone else notice that several posts have gone missing?

At least four posts seemed to have been deleted, all either posted by the Lindsaymun or myself.

1. Lindsay and Aiden meet, then Danny and Lindsay have drinks.
2. Lindsay and Stella.
3. Danny and Lindsay in Danny's apartment.
4. Danny and Warrick at Sullivan's.

What's really strange is that posts in between them haven't been deleted. Just these four posts.